An organic food diet can be good for people and the planet.

People who follow an organic food diet choose to consume foods that have been grown without conventional fertilizers. They prefer to eat produce that was grown using natural fertilizers and farming practices. Fans of organic food may choose to consume meat from animals who were fed an organic diet and were humanely raised. Followers of this diet may also eat processed foods that were made with organic ingredients.

Organic growing practices are beneficial for the environment. They produce less pollution than conventional farming and keep soil safe and healthy. This is good for not only the planet but also for people.

An organic food diet can also have a more direct impact on a person's health. Some studies have indicated that organically grown fruits and vegetables contain more nutrients than conventionally grown ones. Organic meat and dairy products have higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Furthermore, consumers may reduce their exposure to bacteria, heavy metals and pesticides.

There are no foods specifically off-limits in an organic food diet. People following the diet can decide what portion of their food should be strictly organic. They may choose to eat mostly organic food but also have some conventionally grown food.

Reading labels carefully can help consumers find organic foods, and the USDA Organic certification seal can be a helpful identification tool. This seal can be used on organic whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables. It can also be placed on multi-ingredient foods that contain 95 percent or more organic ingredients. Foods containing a lower organic percentage can reference organic ingredients on their labels, but they cannot bear the USDA seal.

Other products to look for when following an organic lifestyle are organic supplements and herbs, bath and beauty products and even home and garden products. The more you can avoid the possible toxins in the products you consume, breathe in or expose to your skin, the healthier you and the rest of the planet will be.